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Issue 56:  July 15, 1999

  • 1998 U. S. State Department Country Reports on Human Rights Practices 
  • Commentary to the State Department Reports 

Issue 55:  May 1, 1999

  • Signs of the Times
  • Interfax Reports
  • Monitoring Report of the Media Coverage of the Parliamentary Elections in Kazakhstan
  • Baltic Supplement: Mass Media Law and Practice: Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia

Issue 54:  April 1, 1999

  • Signs of the Times
  • "On a Higher Council for the Defense of Morality in Television and Radio Broadcasting in the Russian Federation"
  • The Efficacy of American Assistance to the Media in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union
  • A Response from Eric Johnson
  • Why Such Sad Cruelty?
  • Media Institutes and Foreign Aid

Issue 52-53:  February 15, 1999

  • Signs of the Times
  • Review of Russian Media 
  • Broadcasting Review of 1998 
  • 1999—The Media Year in Prospect 
  • 1998 World Press Freedom Review on Russia

Issue 51:  December 15, 1998

  • Signs of the Times
  • Law of Kyrgyz Republic on Mass Media
  • Queries and Comments
  • Monitoring Report of the Media Coverage of the March 1998 Parliamentary Elections in Ukraine

Issue 50:  November 1, 1998 

  • Signs of the Times
  • Analysis of the Azerbaijani “Law on Mass Media” 
  • Local Media Legislation in Russian Provinces:  An Old and Winding Road 
  • On Public and Private Radio and Television in the Republic of Albania 
  • Note on the Albanian Private Media Law

Issue 48-49:  September 15, 1998 

  • Signs of the Times 
  • Decree on Payment for Use of Radio Frequencies 
  • Structural Reconstruction of Uzbek Press 
  • Supplement:  Mass Media Law & Practice

Issue 47:  June 15, 1998 

  • Signs of the Times 
  • State Duma Decree No 2294 “On the Activity of Certain Russian Television Companies” 
  • Regulations “On Granting Licenses for Television and Radio Broadcasting and the Printing Business” 
  • Private Broadcast Media in Azerbaijan—Situation Summary in May 1998 
  • Media Transparency in Romania: Current Situation and Possible Problems 
  • One Radio, Two Competing Interests: The Problem of Radio Television Hong Kong

Issue 46:  May 15, 1998 

  • 1997 U. S. State Department Country Reports on Human Rights Practices 
  • Commentary to the State Department Reports 
  • 1997 Glasnost Defense Foundation Report on Journaslists’ Rights in Russia

Issue 45:  April 15, 1998 

  • Signs of the Times 
  • On Ukranian statutes 
  • From “Television and Radio in Kyrgystan: Problems and Prospects for Development”

Issue 44:  March 1, 1998 

  • Signs of the Times 
  • “Power, Money and Life”: Central Asia’s Biggest Newspaper Continues Its Uneasy Dialogue with Laws and Officials

Issue 42-43:  January 15, 1998 

  • Signs of the Times 
  • Judicial Chamber Rules on Presumption of Innocence 
  • On Basic Guarantees of Electoral Rights and the Right of Citizens of the Russian Federation to Participate in a Referendum 
  • Slicing the Media Cake

Issue 40-41:  November 15, 1997 

  • Signs of the Times 
  • Behind the Screen: Russian New Media 
  • The Problems of Russian Media in a Wider Context

Issue 39:  September 30, 1997 

  • Signs of the Times 
  • Yugoslavia and Former Yugoslavia:
    - The Struggle for Media Control in Republika Srpska
    - Crisis in Serbian Media: A Western Perspective 
    - Other News and Assessments from Former Yugoslavia 
    - Back Files: Media Issues in Former Yugoslavia 

Issue 38:  July 15, 1997 

  • Signs of the Times 
  • The Founding of Moscow’s TV-Centre

Issue 37:  June 13, 1997 

  • Signs of the Times 
  • Big Changes in Store for Russia’s Newspapers 
  • Russian Public TV’s Dispute with Mir 
  • Changes in Store for TV 
  • Television and Politics: The ORT Crisis 
  • Special Baltic Supplement: 
    - Editorial 
    - Law on the Provision of Information to the Public 
    - Law on the National Radio and Television 
    - One step Forward Towards Public TV and Radio 
    - Round Table Discussion: Estonian Language Media and Russian Language Media—Two Worlds Apart

Issue 36:  April 20, 1997 

  • 1996 U.S. State Department Country Reports on  Human Rights Country Reports 
  • Commentary to the State Department’s Reports
    - By Catherine J. Fitzpatrick, Committee to Protect Journalists 
    - By Eric S. Johnson, Internews Moscow

Issue 35:  February 27, 1997 

  • Signs of the Times 
  • Media and Politics in Transition: Three Models 
  • The Politics and Religious Media in Russia 
  • The Russian Financial Elite as Media Moguls 
  • What Will Become of the Moscow TV Channel? An Interview with Anatoly Lysenko 
  • War for Channel Five Looms: Russian Banks Get Set to Battle for Control of National Broadcaster 
  • Council Questions Law in CME-TV Nova Deal 
  • Special Section: Sagalayev Resigns

Issue 33-34:  November, 1996 

  • Constitutional PRotection of Media Freedoms in Russia’s Highest Courts 
  • Slander: Methods of Defense 
  • The State of the Media in the Transcaucasus 
  • Glasnost and Soviet Television (Book Review) 
  • Signs of the Times

Issue 32:  September 5, 1996 

  • Signs of the Times 
  • Special Supplement: Essays on Russian Media Structure: 
    - Freedom and Responsibility in the Russian Media 
    - Content Control on TV in Russia 
    - Corporate Transformation of the Russia Media

Issue 30-31:  May - June 1996 

  • Signs of the Times 
  • Socialist Newspaper Says Albanian Radio and TV Are Biased 
  • Transcaucasus: Attacks on Press 
  • Uzbek Broadcasting Reorganization Decree 
  • Russian Information Disputes Chamber Decision 
  • Committee on Information Policy and Communication of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation 
  • Special Election Report: 
    - Selected News Reports from the Regions 
    - Commentaries 
    - OMRI Reports on the Presidential Election 
  • Special Baltic Supplement 
    - Journalists Adopt Norms of Professional Ethics 
    - Code of Ethics of Lithuanian Journalists 
    - Lithuania Adopts Transparency Regulation in Public Person’s Private Life 
    - Latvian Mass Media Act 
    - Latvian Electronic Mass Media Act 
    - The Development of Self-Regulation of Estonian Media During the Last Three Years 
    - Legal Controversy Concerning the Ban on Tobacco and Alcohol Advertising Continues

Issue 29:  April 30, 1996 

  • Broadcasting Bill Dies, at Least Temporarily 
  • Election Commission Establishes Rules for Free Television Time 
  • New Head of ORT, Flexes Muscle, Speaks His Mind 
  • Zyuganov Addresses Media Attitudes in Press Conference 
  • Miazek Shakes up Polish Television; Consequences for Broadcast Licenses 
  • Hungary: Developments in Wake of New Media Law 
  • Zyuganov’s Platform 
  • Media as Contested Power in Post-Glasnost Russia 
  • MacArthur Foundation Media Grants

Issue 27-28:  March 31, 1996 

  • Signs of the Times 
  • The BBC’s Guide to Russian Broadcasting 
  • Nova’s Success Spurs Attacks by Potential Competitors 
  • Hungary’s Media Law: First Steps 
  • State Department Country Reports on Human Rights

Issue 26:  February 26, 1996 

  • Long-time Yeltsinite, Oleg Poptsov, Ousted as Head of Russian TV; President Replaces him with Eduard Sagalayev 
  • Reassurances from Eduard Sagalayev 
  • Malashenko, Formidable Competitor, Praises Poptsov 
  • News Director Nekhoroshev:  “Poptsov is an Epoch” 
  • Workers at Russian Television Lodge Appeal to President Yeltsin 
  • Poptsov Reflects on His Fate, His Future and Free Press 
  • Chief of Ukrainian TV and Radio Reviews Historic Relationship with Ostankino 
  • Mass Media Law and Practice (Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia)

Issue 24-25:  January 31, 1996 

  • Signs of the Times 
  • Slovak Warnings Against RFE Reflect Wider Concern over Liberty of Media 
  • Hungary Finally Gets Media Law 
  • Central European Media Enterprises: Some Recent News 
  • Ave Poltoranin: Sweeping Press Conference on State Support for Media 
  • Poptsov Gains Yeltsin Decree on Fourth Channel 
  • Russian Elections: 
    - Igor Malashenko Addresses Recent Election Coverage, Success of Communist Party and Relations with RTV 
    - Voronezh Governor Uses “Technicality” to Shut down TV Channels in Run up to December Elections 
    - Presidential Chamber Election Edict: Pague on All Houses 
    - Life in the Regions: A “Diary” of Local Election and Media Occurrences 
    - Nazarbayeva, President’s Daughter, Guides Kazakh TV News Organization 
    - New Moscow Center for Media Law and Policy Studies Established in Moscow

Issue 23:  November 27, 1995 

  • Signs of the Times 
  • ORT Head Muses on Election Pressures, Fourth Channel 
  • Introduction to Moscow Media Law and Policy Institute 
  • Recent Decisions of the President’s Judicial Chamber on Information Disputes 
  • Text of Russian Federation Advertising Law 
  • Guarantees of Citizens’ Right to Protection of Health in the Spread of Advertising

Issue 22:  October 19, 1995 

  • Pen-Wielding Yeltsin Decrees Abolition of Ostankino, Proposes Continued Restructuring of National TV Companies, Orders End to Disruption of State Media Transmissions 
  • Teapot Tempest?  ORT Drops Solzhenitsyn and Dorenko 
  • Defamation and the Fascist Cases and the Russian Civil Code 
  • Election Regulations for State Television and Radio Companies 
  • Proposed Amendments to the Ukrainian Law “On Television and Radio Broadcasting” 
  • Signs of the Times

Issue 21:  September 27, 1995 

  • Brew of Economics, Language, Sovereignty: Ukraine Shifts ORT, Unleashing Protests 
  • Kulyk Compares Powers of Kiev and Regions 
  • ORT Reports its Ukrainian Wounds 
  • Sergey Blagovolin, Director-General of ORT, Addressses Future 
  • Ivan Laptev, New Head of Press Committee, Fires up Troops in  Inaugural Remarks 
  • Electoral Commission Finalizes Media Guidelines for December Elections 
  • President’s Judicial Chamber for Information Disputes: Recent Recommendations and Decisions 
  • Draft Statute of the Republic of Tajikistan on Television and Radio 
  • Comments on the Draft Tajikistan Media Law 
  • Electricity, Politics and Television in the Caucusus 
  • Signs of the Times

Issue 20:  July 27, 1995 

  • Advertising on ORT Resumes; Kukly Puppets Attacked as Pre-Election Jockeying for Control of Media Unfolds 
  • More Debate on State Support and Subsidy of the Mass Media 
  • Hungary Finally to Pass Media Law?  New Prospects for Commercial Broadcasting Analyzed 
  • Four Decisions of The Judicial Chamber for Information Disputes 
  • Signs of the Times

Issue 19:  June 27, 1995 

  • Yeltsin Vetoes Broadcasting, Anti-ORT Bills; Appoints Ignatenko Communications Minister 
  • Yeltsin’s Veto and the Current Broadcast Licensing Board: Interview with Aleksei Simonov 
  • The End of Nezavisimaya gazeta 
  • New USAID Media Grant Opportunity for Central and Eastern Europe 
  • Slobodyan Discusses New Ukrainian Commission 
  • Ukrainian Television: Advertising Rates and Advertising Structures 
  • Moldovan Press Law 
  • A Critique of Moldovan Press Law 
  • Directory of State Journalism Schools and Departments in the Former Soviet Union 
  • Signs of the Times

Issue 18:  May 23, 1995 

  • Signs of the Times 
  • National Identity and Media Regulation: An Irish Example 
  • Poltoranin Discusses Law on Support of the Mass Media 
  • Growing Pains at Russian Public Television 
  • The BBC’s Central and Eastern European Strategy in a Post-Soviet World 
  • Ukrainian Law on News Agencies 
  • Ryabov Discusses Central Election Commission Proposals for New Laws Governing Forthcoming Elections

Issue 17:  April 30, 1995 

  • St. Petersburg Television Drama 
  • Stormy First Month for Russian Public Television 
  • ORT’s Structure Questioned 
  • Central European Media Enterprises: A Profile “Supervising” the Belarus Media

Issue 16:  March 17, 1995 

  • Listyev’s Murder: Corruption and Advertising 
  • Journalists GrieveYeltsin at Ostankino 
  • Interview with Alesksei Simonov 
  • The View from Rossiskaye Gazeta 
  • The Duma Debates Ostankino’s Future; Board Members Announced 
  • Yeltsin’s February “State of the Media” Text 
  • Belarus’s Lukashenka on the Duties of Journalists 
  • The Civil Code and the Mass Media 
  • China’s New Advertising Statute

Issue 15:  February 27, 1995 

  • “Russian Public Television” Emerges; Temporary Ban on Advertisements Imposed 
  • Decisions of the Russian Federation Presidential Judicial Chamber for Information Disputes 
  • Moscow Media Development Organizations: A Directory 
  • State Department Country Reports on Human Rights 
  • Ukraine: New President, New Decree, New Broadcasting Council
  • Journalists’ Continuing Almanac of Danger: Tajikistan’s Official Terror

Issue 14:  January 26, 1995  

  • Information Management 
  • New Law on Official News 
  • NTV: Attacked and Attacking 
  • Oleg Poptsov, Rumors, Survival 
  • Poptsov on Poptsov 
  • Hungarian Elections 
  • Signs of the Times

Issue 12-13:  December 10, 1994 

  • Yeltsin Approves Ostankino “Privatization,” Will Half-State Corporation Gain Independence? 
  • Gryzynov Takes Press Committe Helm 
  • Russian Mass Media and Defamation Law: Draft Civil Code Presents Little Change 
  • The Media in Belarus 
  • Recommendation of the Russian Federation Judicial Chamber for Information Disputes on the Legal Nature of ITAR-TASS Materials 
  • NTV & the Most Bank Media Empire 
  • Malashenko on NTV 
  • The Press in Tajikistan 
  • A Press Conference with Sergei Gryzunov 
  • Death of a Journalist 
  • Draft Russian Statute on Radio and Television Broadcasting 
  • Draft Russian Statute on State Support for the Mass Media 
  • New Estonian Broadcasting Law

Issue 11:  October 15, 1994 

  • Internews, RAPIC to Manage $10 Million, USAID Media Partnership Program 
  • Television in Tajikistan: A Report 
  • Insights from Chairman Vengerov: Russia’s Innovative Information Tribunal 
  • Decisions: Russian Federation Presidential Judicial Chamber for Information Disputes 
  • Poltoranin’s Dreams and Hopes 
  • Members of the Information Policy Committee of the Russian State Duma 
  • Signs of the Times

Issue 10:  September 10, 1994 

  • Shakeup at Russian Federal Press Committee, Mironov Dismissed for Nationalist Boasts 
  • Moscow’s TV6 Joint Venture Dissolves 
  • The MMM Case: Implications for the Russian Media 
  • Presidential Chamber Advertising Decree: Tobacco, Alcohol and Other Problematic Products 
  • Will Russian Defamation Law Acquire a Constitutional Dimension? 
  • USAID Media Partnership Grants: Further Details 
  • Developments in Licensing and Regulation 
  • Case Study in Media Regulation: The 1993 Elections and the Information Arbitration Tribunal

Issue 9:  July 19, 1994 

  • USAID Sets Sights on ‘Strengthening Non-Government Media’ 
  • Danger and Opportunities for Independent Broadcasters 
  • USAID Document: US-Russia Media Partnerships 
  • Report of the Working Group on Broadcaster Autonomy and the State 
  • A Letter from Minsk 
  • Portrait of the Press Minister 
  • Russian Language Newsletter

Issue 8:  June 3, 1994 

  • Vanity and the New Duma: Establishing a Press Service, Regulating Coverage, Punishing Its Crime 
  • Treaty of Public Accord 
  • Draft Law “On Rules for the Coverage by State Mass Media of the Activity of Bodies of State Power” 
  • The Media Situation in Kyrgyzstan 
  • Kyrgyzstan: An Overview 
  • Letter from Krasnoyarsk 
  • Pundits Testify: Is New US Aid Czar Sought? 
  • Cracking Down? 
  • Pornography, Pluralism, and the Press

Issue 7:  April 30, 1994 

  • Rule of Law and the Mass Media 
  • Belarus: New Principles, New Broadcasting Bill 
  • Ukrainian Law: “On Television and Radio Broadcasting” 
  • The New Ukrainian Statute: A Commentary 
  • The Ukrainian Elections: A Monitoring Report 
  • Belarus: A Mass Media Primer 
  • Regulating Content by Agreement: A Belarus Contract with Independent TV 
  • Signs of the Times

Issue 6:  March 31, 1994 

  • Independent Television Plan 
  • State Department Reports 
  • Directory of Journalism Schools 
  • History of Journalism Schools 
  • Letter from Moscow 
  • Notes from Eastern Europe 
  • Information Dispute Chamber 
  • MacArthur Foundation Grants 
  • Poltoranin in the Duma

Issue 5:  February 28, 1994 

  • Pass the Advil: Financial Woes of Russia’s State Broadcasters 
  • Special Issue on Grantors and Grantees 
  • Lithuanian Broadcasting Landscape Reshaped 
  • Western Assistance to Journalism Education in the Baltics 
  • Free Press: Some Cautionary Notes 
  • Signs of the Times

Issue 4:  January 27, 1994 

  • In Post-election Era, Yeltsin Tightens Press Ties, Sweetens Subsidy Carrot, and Extends Monitoring Stick 
  • Rossiikye Vesti: Losing the Founder 
  • Political Ads and the December Election 
  • State TV & Radio Directory 
  • Supplement: Recent Russian Decrees

Issue 3:  December 22, 1993 

  • Yakovlev to head Ostankino 
  • Piracy’s End? 
  • Ukrainian Broadcasting; A primer 
  • Signs of the Times 
  • Statutory Supplement: New Russian Copyright Law

Issue 2:  November 17, 1993 

  • Short-order Democracy 
  • Media Law and the December Election 
  • Yeltsin as Press Critic 
  • Censorship as an International Obligation? 
  • Pravda Returns; Sovetskaia Rossiia Refuses to Compromise 
  • Newspapers: Free to Be Bankrupt 
  • Free Press: Romantic Dream? 
  • Regulations on Information Guarantees in the Election Campaign

Issue 1:  October 20, 1993 

  • Why a Newsletter? 
  • War of Media Laws: From Referendum to Parliamentary Suspension 
  • Of Founders and Emergencies: Euphemising Censorship 
  • ITAR-TASS, Novosti, and Interfax 
  • Broadcasters Face Financial Problems 
  • Media Assistance Miscellany

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