Universal Access/Service    
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Universal Access:
The right of any person or organization to sipply programs and content services by the lease of time/space or services for any lawful purpose at non-discriminatory terms.

Universal Service:
The technical connection of every residence, institution, and business establishment at minimal or fair cost.

Alexander Graham Bell
Alexander Graham Bell Family Papers, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress.
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Universal Access/Service
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Breaking the Bottleneck and Sharing the Wealth: A Perspective on Universal Service Policy in an Era of Local Competition. Robert K. Lock, Jr.
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Transcending Access Toward a New Universal Service. Jorge Reina Schement, Rebecca R. Pressman, Laurance Povich
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Universal Service: Prosaic Motives and Great Ideals. Harmeet Sawhney
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"Universal Service" and the new Telecommunications Act: Mythology Made Law. Milton Mueller
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