Computer History    
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  A Little History
Apple II History
Calculating Machines
Care and Feeding of Elderly Computers
Carl Friend's Minicomputer "Museum"
Charles Babbage Institute
Chronology of Digital Computing Machines
Chronology of Events in the History of Microcomputers
Classic Technology of the Eighties
Computer Collection, The
Computer History Association of California (CHAC)
Computer History and Folklore
Computer Lore Gopher
Computer Preservation Society (Inc) of New Zealand
Cray Computer Tidbits
ENIAC 50th Anniversary Celebration
ENIAC Virtual Museum

Intel's Concept PC 2000
Intel's Concept PC 2000
  Ferranti MarkI Prototype  
Additional Areas
  Garganuan Virtual Guide to Cyber-History
Historic Computer Images []
Historic Computer Images []
Historical Computer Society
History of Computers []
History of Computing [U. Regina]
History of Computing []
History of Computing []
History of Computing, The [Los Alamos]
History of the Internet and WorldWideWeb
History of the Internet
Hot Topic: Internet 25th Anniversary
Hot Topic: Unix 25th Anniversary
IEEE Annals of the History of Computing
Kevan's Computer Collection
Mechanical Calculating Machines
Obsolete Computer Museum
Online Symbolics Museum
Past Notable Women of Computing
Rice Computer, 1959-1971
Silicon Valley History
Silicon Valley History: View from Internet Valley
Smithsonian Computer History
System R
Turing, Alan
Unisys History Newsletter
Virtual Museum of Computing
Where the Web began
World Wide Web Home 

  Associations & Institutions
Broadcast & Cable
Communications Technology
Computer Software
Education & Research
Finance & Economics
Information Services
Job Resources & Postings